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Quality of life means being able to hear all the sounds that life throws at you.

Welcome to Audia Hearing Care Centre

When you visit Audia Hearing Care Centre you will be welcomed into our friendly, professional environment.  Leading our clinic is Dr. Patricia Sandercock, who has been practicing Audiology since 1995.  With a formal education spanning over 10 years, Dr. Patricia has extensive knowledge of ear physiology and uses her skills daily to diagnose and resolve our clients’ hearing challenges.  From impacted wax to profound hearing losses, Dr. Patricia helps our clients re-introduce the richness of sound into their world.

It’s all about the quality of your life…

When you come to Audia Hearing Care Centre we will introduce you to the most advanced hearing assistance technology available today.  Trust us to provide you the highest quality Audiology services possible.

We treat hearing loss very seriously.  We are highly experienced and understand that you have a unique hearing loss and your own particular concerns when it comes to restoring your hearing.  We will continue working until we have satisfied your requirements.  Our promise is to find the best possible resolution to match your individual hearing loss.

We assist in the approval processes for:

AADL WCB DVA NIHB Campbell McLaurin Foundation

You will find us very knowledgeable and helpful if you wish to pursue support programs that are available to support hearing aid funding.  We have helped many clients complete their forms for Alberta Aids to Daily Living (“AADL”) funding, Workers Compensation Boards across the Western Provinces and private funding sources such as the Campbell McLaurin Foundation.  We have many military veteran clients who receive funding through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  We also have many Treaty Status Canadians who receive their hearing assistance through the Non-Insured Health Benefits (“NIHB”) Program.

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Visit Our Hearing Centre: 205A, 1610 – 37th Street SW, Calgary

Dr. Patricia Sandercock is the authorized Audiologist to the Manor Village Seniors Living Group of Calgary

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