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Audia Hearing Care Centre is a full service Audiology clinic equipped with the newest technology, allowing us to accurately determine the type, degree and configuration of your hearing loss. Only after such a thorough assessment can you reach an informed decision regarding treatments, which may include hearing aids or referral for medical treatment. If we determine hearing aids are right for you, we can provide you the newest hearing aid technology in a range of styles designed to match your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

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Audia Hearing Care Centre offers a wide range of makes and models of hearing aids available in Canada. This includes the complete range of sizes, technologies and shell styles. We have hearing aids for every price range, from the lowest cost conventional hearing aids, to the most advanced digital hearing aids on the market.

Patricia Sandercock, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

Audia Hearing Care Centre is owned by Dr. Patricia Sandercock, Au.D., a Clinical Doctor of Audiology certified to practice Audiology since 1995.

Education & Certification:

Bachelor of Arts – University of Manitoba – 1983
Masters of Education, Audiology – University of Virginia – 1995
Doctor of Audiology – Salus University, College of Audiology –
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2007

Professional Associations:

C.A.S.L.P.A. – Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
A.C.S.L.P.A. – Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
A.D.A. – Academy of Doctors of Audiology

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Garth Sandercock, BA, MBA

Audia Hearing Care Centre is owned by Garth Sandercock, who performs technical and managerial functions for the clinic.

Education & Certification:

Bachelor of Arts – University of Manitoba – 1980
Masters of Business Administration – University of Manitoba – 1982

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An “Au.D” is a highly trained health care professional that holds a doctorate degree. The Province of Alberta recognizes Au.Ds for their expertise in identifying medical causes of hearing difficulties and providing solutions for hearing health care such as dispensing hearing aids.

When the audiometric assessment of a patient done by a registered Au.D such as Dr. Patricia indicates the possibility of serious medical concerns, Dr. Patricia is licensed by the Province of Alberta to refer directly to ENT physicians, those in the surgical field who specialize in ear, nose and throat medicine.


It is not enough to just test your hearing, point out you have a loss and put a hearing aid on you. Do not trust your health to someone not qualified to make medical diagnoses based on a complete audiometric assessment of the root causes of your hearing challenge.

Not all hearing loss is a result of aging or noise exposure. Some hearing losses are the result of medical difficulties of the ear. Prompt diagnosis and immediate action is required to ensure the patient’s health is preserved above all else. You will not know for sure if all you get is a simple, free hearing test.


Clinical Doctors of Audiology study for years in the field of hearing. We understand the medical signs of hearing loss and will assist you in finding the right treatment for your unique situation.

How do I know which hearing professional I should see?

The differences between hearing professionals:

Audiologists: are trained in the medical physiology of hearing. Training to become audiologists spans 7 to 10 years.

Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors: are trained in the medical and surgical physiology of hearing. Training to be ENTs spans 11 to 14 years.

Hearing Aid Practitioners: trained to fit hearing aids. They specialize in the details of hearing aid functionality rather than of medical diagnostics. Training to be a hearing aid practitioner spans 2 years.

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