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19 June 2017

My Hearing Aid Doesn’t Work

Every day, someone calls our clinic saying, “my hearing aid stopped working. I put in a new battery and nothing’s happening.” Or we hear, “it was working, then it just stopped. Something’s wrong.” We ask, “did you check to see if it’s plugged?” They say, “it can’t be plugged, I clean my ears regularly.” 99 […]

06 May 2017

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aid batteries are the “bane of hearing aid users’ existence.”  People have long wanted to get rechargeable batteries for their hearing aids, to avoid the regular swapping of small, fiddly items that some people find hard to handle.  But the challenge wasn’t that easy. Some of the first rechargeable batteries were fine when they […]

04 March 2017

The Cocktail Party Effect

People with hearing loss in both ears sometimes ask if they can get by with just one hearing aid instead of two.  There is a reason why we have two ears, and it’s called “the Cocktail Party Effect.”  We’ve all been in a cocktail party:  lots of people talking, usually music playing fairly loudly and […]


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