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Customer Testimonials

The rewards of our profession are happy customers whose lives have improved with our help. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“We think you’re good people.”  – Larry Poland and JC Paller, two good friends who live in Drumheller, Alberta.

“I’m extremely happy. I went to 3 places before finding Audia, but didn’t get the service I expected from those other clinics,” said Ms. Hansen. “It’s very hard to find people who will give good service! I recommend Audia to my friends.” – Henny Hansen, Calgary, Alberta.

“It’s wonderful. I don’t have to say ‘WHAT, WHAT, WHAT’ anymore,” said Ms. Thomson after receiving her new hearing aids. She also let us in on a secret. She went to a Casino with friends the other day and said, “My Goodness it’s loud in here,” and then burst out laughing. Her friends didn’t know what had come over her until she said, “it’s the first time I’ve been here with hearing aids!” – V. Faye Thomson, Calgary, Alberta.

“Before I got my hearing aids, my wife and I couldn’t even have a good argument anymore. Now I’m hearing well and am so satisfied with the results I’ve brought my wife, Flora, to get hearing aids. I will consider it a complete success if we both hear well enough to have a healthy argument, again,” jokes Mr. Leschinski, an award-winning scale engine modeller extraordinaire who builds fully working steam and gas engines from scratch, even down to the spark plugs!” – Tony Leschinski, Calgary, Alberta.

“I’m hearing everything now. I’m completely happy with my new hearing aids,” says Mr. Gillatt, a talented opera singer. – Clive Gillatt, Calgary, Alberta.

The Elks, Audia & Phonak collaborated to help Dezarae, who suffers Chiari Malformation, a disorder that extends the brain into the brain stem cavity, causing a variety of difficulties including hearing impairment in some cases. “The Aids work so well, now I can tell how many words I didn’t hear correctly when I was singing along with the radio. I like them and I think my friends like them, too.” – Dezarae Mooney, Calgary, Alberta.

“I can’t believe there’s still a Doctor who will make house calls.” – G.D. Mackay, Calgary, Alberta.

“I had forgotten how loud the birds are…” – T.A. (Bert) Sandercock, Selkirk, Manitoba.

“When my old Hearing Aids needed replacing, Doctor Patricia Sandercock at Audia Hearing Care Centre went above and beyond to make sure I got the right ones. Now, for the first time in thirty-five years I can hear the clock tick and many other sounds that I had forgotten about.” – Eric Richard Ham, Calgary, Alberta.

“I wish to thank Dr. Patricia for the capable assessment, analysis and hearing aid system she recently provided for my particular hearing impairment. The services were delivered in a prompt, professional manner and the results have been successful in minimizing my hearing deficiency. I am very pleased with the system she provided for me.” – Don Wright, Calgary, Alberta.


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