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We do Custom Earplugs –  lots of them.

The two things we hear people express concern about:

  1. The Cost
  2. The Fit

First, the cost.  Compare our prices to others.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

One of our customers called back, feeling something had to be wrong, that he couldn’t find anyone else offering custom-fitted earplugs at our prices.  We keep our overheads under control and work with excellent custom earplug manufacturers that also have reasonable prices.

Second, the fit.  The secret to an excellent fit is entirely in the skill of the person making your earmold impression.  Dr. Patricia takes ear impressions every day, as they are needed to make custom-fit hearing aids.

Dr. Patricia’s skills are so well-regarded, she is the only person recommended by name in Alberta by Future Sonic, the people who make very expensive in-ear speakers for rock stars (proper name is “in-ear studio monitors”).  Check out Future Sonic’s list of recommended audiologists at “North American Audiologists” on Future Sonic’s website.  To simplify the search process, use the “Locate An Audiologist” pull-down menu at the top of the list, then scroll to the bottom to select Canada.

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