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Unless you’re a hermit, no one lives in a vacuum. It isn’t just about the person with the hearing loss, it’s also about the family, friends and loved ones around the person that are impacted by someone’s hearing loss.


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While the hearing loss person is clearly struggling, how often does anyone acknowledge the struggles of the loved ones? How many times did you say the person’s name before they responded with, “why are you shouting?”

Audia Hearing Care Centre believes the best results in treating hearing loss happen when the family join the patient in the process. Simply testing a person, then slapping a hearing on, doesn’t address the multitude of other factors at work when a person is living their life with hearing loss. Any or all of the following come into play:

  • Are they in denial? “I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong with my hearing.  People just aren’t speaking clearly.”
  • Is vanity playing a part? “Hearing aids are just for old people.”
  • Do they think it won’t work? “I have friends with hearing aids, and they just complain about them all the time.  Why would I waste time and money on something that clearly doesn’t work?”

If you have a loved one with hearing loss, you’ve no doubt heard these comments and more.  But, how about:

  • The person’s fingers are bent back from arthritis.
  • The person’s vision suffers from macular degeneration.
  • The person’s fingertips have lost tactile sensation, a tip-numbing that can occur from reduced blood circulation associated simply with aging.
  • The family just thinks you pick a hearing aid, stick it on their ear, and go.

Dr. Patricia achieves success by working with the whole person in the environment in which they live, not just their ears.

Starting with the patient interview, with family members present, Dr. Patricia discusses the patient’s hearing challenges, all the while observing the other vital elements of a successful hearing aid fitting.

“Everyone wants the smallest hearing aids possible, but what if the person’s fingers can’t hold something as small and fiddly as a tiny-size hearing aid,” asks Dr. Patricia? “How could a person possibly be happy and motivated to put on 2 hearing aids every morning if they have arthritic fingers, but were given small, fiddly ones? No wonder some hearing aid wearers complain loudly about their hearing aids and don’t wear them.”

During the in-ear examination, Dr. Patricia is actively assessing whether the patient’s ears and canals have any challenging shapes, turns, narrowness or other difficulties that would remove any specific types of hearing aids from the list of choices.

During such “1st Visit” appointments by every new patient, Audia Hearing Care Centre’s standard practice is to book a 90 minute time slot, whether the patient uses the entire time or not. Dr. Patricia takes the time needed to do the assessment properly. Under no circumstances does Dr. Patricia want any patient to feel like they were rushed through the process.

It is only after such a thorough investigation of the whole person and their unique aural situation that Dr. Patricia begins to discuss aspects of the hearing aids that will be appropriate for the patient, such as style, shape, size and technical sophistication.

Dr. Patricia and Audia Hearing Care Centre take the time needed to understand each patient, greatly reducing the discomfort and improving the satisfaction patients experience acquiring their hearing aids.


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