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Here are the steps we take you through to get you on your way to better hearing.

Hearing Evaluation

The initial step in treating you is to determine the nature of your hearing problem, so that appropriate recommendations for medical referral, hearing aid use, assistive listening devices or other options can be discussed. Your hearing aid evaluation will include the measurement of the pattern and degree of your hearing loss, loudness perception characteristics, and speech understanding in quiet and noise.

Hearing Aid Consultation

Following a thorough hearing evaluation, our audiologist will ask many questions about your specific lifestyle to further determine your specific areas of hearing difficulty. We relate these answers to the hearing aid style and technology that would most benefit your unique listening needs.

Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation

If hearing aids are your most effective solution, we provide a wide range of hearing aid from all the major manufacturers offering a broad selection of advanced technology, so that we can find the best match to your hearing loss. By offering technologies from different manufacturers, we are able to customize a patient’s hearing aids to their specific hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluation/Real Ear Measurement

Computers are used to program and fine-tune the hearing aids. We use the latest computer software and technology, to provide the best outcomes for our patients. Ultimately, we believe that good patient outcomes are achieved through our personal attention to the specific needs of each patient. With our real ear measurement system, we can now measure and record the actual performance of your hearing aids while they are in your ears. This computer analysis helps us to verify that your hearing aid prescription is precisely matched to your individual requirements.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Assistive listening devices are devices often used instead of, or in addition to hearing aids in situations where hearing aids alone do not provide adequate enough help. Some of these situations are: TV listening, listening at a distance, such as at a concert or lecture hall, using the telephone, or in a classroom. Audia Hearing Care offers a wide selection of Assistive Listening Devices: Amplified telephones; Cellular phone adaptors, Personal Infrared Television amplifiers; Personal Pocket talkers; FM Systems for students; Sonic alarm clocks with bed vibrator; Door bell alerts and much more!

Hearing Aid Repair

Because hearing aids are electronic devices sitting in our ears with all the wax and moisture that we produce, sooner or later they need attention. To keep your aids performing in top condition, they need routine cleaning, re-tubing, and sometimes a part replacement (e.g. battery doors or wax springs). Your hearing aid programming may need to be checked to see if it still matches your hearing needs, or if re-programming should be done. We repair all makes and models of hearing aids. We aim to get your hearing aid repaired quickly at a reasonable cost. Depending on your hearing loss, we may even have a loaner hearing aid suitable for you to use until yours comes back.

Complementary Ongoing Service and Support

It is surprising that so many people think “you just plunk the hearing aids on and go.” Hearing aids take maintenance, just like any other technical device, and often more so because they operate in a world full of moisture and ear wax. Because the hearing aids are so tiny, the openings where sound (a) goes in and (b) comes out are also very tiny. Astonishingly little wax is necessary to plug these little openings to the point a person thinks the aid is not working.

Regular visits to have your hearing aids checked are the key to keeping them functioning effectively. Audia Hearing Care Centre does not charge for these ongoing service visits. We want people to hear and be happy with their hearing aids. Audia Hearing Care Centre only charges for any repair where there is a cost from a third party, such as the manufacturer, that Audia must pay first in order to get the patient’s hearing aid back in operation.

If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, don’t wait. Drop-in for service during regular business hours. We are happy to do a service inspection and cleaning while you wait.

What if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us? We just want people to hear. We do everything we can to get your hearing aids operational, and you will also get your cleaning free of charge.

House Calls

Dr. Patricia understands it isn’t always easy for every client to come to the clinic. Some clients do not have family members nearby or with flexible work schedules allowing them to bring the patient for an appointment. While Dr. Patricia greatly appreciates our many customers who do come to the clinic, because she can see more people in one day than if she has to go out, not one week goes by that Dr. Patricia is not on the road to see one or more patients. Furthermore, Dr. Patricia does not charge any additional fee for this service. If coming to our clinic is a challenge for you, call us to discuss your situation. Dr. Patricia may be able to make a house call for you.

Custom Ear Molds

We provide custom ear plugs for swimmers, workers in various professions and even people who want a better-fitting ear bud headphone set for their iPod or MP3 player, so they can keep it at a nice, low level. Custom hearing protection (for various needs, such as musicians, hunters or any noise–related work environments) can also be specifically made for you personally.

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